Future biogas plants under construction in Brønderslev


GFE-Krogenkær is a biogas plant, that produce biogas from manure, organic waste and other biomass. Annual treated approximately 50,000 tons of biomass, which is the approx. 30,000 tons of manure in the form of slurry or manure fibers separated from manure.

GFE-Krogenskær produce and sells approximately 11,500 kWh/year of electricity to the grid and approximately 10,000 kWh/year of heat to Brønderslev Central Heating.


The economics of biogas are regulated by a governmental energy agreement which extends until the year 2012. The price is a fixed settlement price of 0,745 DKK per kWh.

Agreement for sale of heat is applied with Brønderslev Central Heating and is regulated in relation to the price of natural gas. Currently the price is approx. 0,250 DKK per kwt.





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